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Friday, 3 November, 2006

Pseudosocial - W5H

PseudoSocial is an effort to put forth personal views and opinions on decision making, investing and common wisdom.

Pseudosocial was started in August 2006. 04p048 started investing about 3 years back and 04p050 started about six months back. Even though both of them talk about a lot of things (including investment ideas), they manage their portfolios independently and pseudodependently.

Online, Offline, anywhere .. :)

Pseudosocial is about two people (04p048 and 04p050). Both of us share a few common interests (Prof Bakshi, cricket, biking, investing, writing, reading) and wanted to have a platform to meet other people who are enthusiastic about investing and decision-making and worldly wisdom.

Ever since we completed Prof Bakshi’s course, there were yearnings to use whatever was learnt from the interactions. As stated earlier, our objective is to interact with, learn from and possibly meet people who share our interests.

We intend to talk about companies, sectors, industries that we like and dislike. We intend to analyze them as prospective shareholding. We would talk about follies people make while making investment decisions. We would talk about lessons we have learnt from mistakes. We would talk about how to avoid mistakes. We would NOT recommend any stocks, industries, sectors, buy calls, sell calls, hold calls.

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