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Tuesday, 15 August, 2006

PseudoSocial - Introduction

As WEB once said, "We enjoy the process far more than the proceeds." PseudoSocial is our humble attempt to ride the turbulent world of value and growth investing and learn and understand the stock market, decision making and human psychology. Prof. Sanjay Bakshi introduced us to the wonderful world of Graham, WEB and Munger.

We talk about decision-making, psychological mental models, lessons from all walks of life and along the way a bit of investing and stock picking. We also talk about our investment principles (of course influenced by Prof. Bakshi and WEB and Munger and Graham).

Having said who we are and what we aim to do, we would like to highlight what we would not do. We would not give or take advice/tips about specific stocks. We do not want to make quick buck with the stock markets. We do not claim/want to outperform other investors or the index.

Why the name PseudoSocial would be answered in due course of time (as some people would say, "What's in the name?" ... and by the way this article talks about importance of names in short term market gains) and till then we hope you enjoy reading as much as we enjoyed writing on pseudosocial.


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Hey Mr Sandip,
Where are you man !!
- Sameer (Tokyo)